FHCA Issues Statement on FDA Approval of Moderna Vaccine, South Florida Nursing Homes Direct Vaccination Pilot

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Florida Health Care Association, representing nearly 700 nursing homes and assisted living facilities across Florida, issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Moderna’s request for emergency use authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine.

The following statement is attributed to Emmett Reed, FHCA Executive Director:

“Florida Health Care Association shares the enthusiasm of Floridians everywhere over the expanding reach of breakthrough COVID-19 vaccines, which represents a significant step toward protection from COVID-19 for us all. This most recent approval and launch of the vaccine developed by Moderna provides additional resources to ensure greater safety for Florida’s vulnerable elderly population and the staff who risk their own safety to care for them. This development will help launch the south Florida pilot project in which six long term care centers will have their clinical teams, under the guidance of the Department of Health, directly administer COVID-19 vaccines to residents and staff.”

See full article here : https://www.fhca.org/media_center/entry/fhca_issues_statement_on_fda_approval_of_moderna_vaccine_south_florida_nursing_homes_direct_vaccination_pilot

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