AHCA-Approved Paid Feeding Assistant Training Curriculum Now Available

Paid Feeding Assistant Training Curriculum

The 2020 Florida Legislature authorized nursing centers to use paid feeding assistants as long as the following federal standards (§483.60) are met. This includes:

  • The feeding assistant being required to work under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse and call the supervisory nurse for help in an emergency.
  • The feeding assistant must successfully complete a training program approved by the Agency for Health Care Administration (approved 7/23/20).
  • The feeding assistant only provides dining assistance for residents who have no complicated feeding problems such as difficulty swallowing, recurrent lung aspirations and/or tube or parenteral/IV feedings.
  • The facility must base resident selection on the interdisciplinary team’s assessment and the resident’s latest assessment and plan of care. Appropriateness for this program should be reflected in the comprehensive care plan.

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Watch our informative video with PFA Training Curriculum developer Robin Bleier of RB Health Partners, Inc. to learn more about Florida’s Paid Feeding Assistant (PFA) program and how to use these materials to support your facility’s workforce needs.

See full article here : https://www.fhca.org/education/paid_feeding_assistant_training_curriculum

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