FHCA-QIO Nursing Home Collaborative for Quality Care

FHCA has partnered with Alliant Quality, the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) that was selected by CMS to complete the 12th Scope of Practice. Alliant Quality has replaced the Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) as Florida’s new QIO. Centers that previously participated with HSAG will want to sign on with Alliant Quality to continue receiving benefits and support for continuous quality improvement – do so here.

Through Alliant Quality’s Southern Partners Action Collaborative for Excellence (SPACE), all nursing centers have access to collaborative learning events, quality metrics and data, best practice sharing, toolkits and resources. Participating nursing centers will also receive hands-on coaching on QAPI strategies and peer mentors available to assist with implementing a systems-based approach for quality improvement practices.

See full article here : https://www.fhca.org/quality_improvement/FHCA_Alliant_QIO_Partnership

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